RC&O Offices & Reception Desk Design
A collaboration with Paul R. Sullivan Jr AIA LLC
Murnen Design was contracted by Paul R. Sullivan AIA llc to generate design concepts and fully develop the design direction for an extensive re-design and renovation of the Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC's Office Suite.

The programs objectives were focused on creating a new company image incorporating a redesigned company logo.  The existing, closed off, entry corridor and dark reception area were re-designed to offer an intuitive entry sequence that culminates in an iconic oval-shaped reception desk.  The Waiting and Reception Areas are flooded with light from the nearly floor to ceiling glass partitions of the new Conference Center Area.

The challenge of the project was incorporating the firm's highly traditional image (and in some cases traditional existing furniture and fixtures) with a modernized version of itself.  Existing wood tones were used as inspiration, soft colors and lighter wall tones were utilized to increase a light airy feel, clean lines were introduced and incorporated with traditional moldings to create a timeless and welcoming space.
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