Custom, solid walnut and beech wood entertainment center designed and built in about 5 weeks as part of a Geometry/Furniture Studio while at Miami University.  The piece is approximately 28” x 28” x 68”, is based on the cube, and is designed to be disassembled into 4 main parts to assist in moving.  Despite being moved numerous times in the last 18 years, including being driven across the country and back, the piece is still in great shape today!
- The Top is comprised of only (2) two - 1" thick, book-matched slabs of walnut.
- The Cubes sides are nearly all comprised of a single slab of 3/4” walnut utilizing finger-joint connections at the corners.
- The "legs" are derived from the edges of a tetrahedron encompassing the cubes and are contrasted with a spalted beech wood.
- The Connections for all pieces are joined with off the shelf hardware creating a custom 1/2” offset/standoff throughout the piece.
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